Sunday, October 26, 2014

Closet Update

Hello Viewers!

Yes, I stumbled upon a little floor mat of woven plastic fibers at IKEA for my closet, and I am most happy to show it here:

In the store the - how shall I put it? - non-pink color looked like a very bright yellow, which I wasn't entirely crazy about, but now that it lies in my closet (in reality at least, even if it doesn't quite come through in this photo), it comes across as a lovey chartreuse, so now I am entirely crazy.

The additional finesse is that it is very thin, so it actually fits under the door, which sits extremely close to the floor and makes most rugs impossible to use in this space. For $12 it  quite transformed my daily closet experience.

Now, all I need is a new ceiling light - or what do you think?

The tricky part is that, as you can see, this is a very old-fashioned house, with insufficient wiring and light switches, so several light fixtures, like this one, are operated by pull-chain, and one needs the services of an electrician before one can even choose a lamp... But maybe something could be done?

Hopeful regards from Rosebud!