Sunday, October 11, 2015

A Symphony in Pink (What else?)

Hello viewers!

The concept of this Spring Convocation of the Fairies began with a tablecloth grandly named Grand Rosette that I found online at Tablecloths Factory. Anyone who knows me knows that this was a MUST-have!

Too fabulous for words!

From there it was but a skip and a hop to recklessly immersing myself and my guests in an avalanche of pinkness... Thus:

These Missoni plates at half price were a given; also the raspberry chargers and floral salad plates. Pink-handled flatware too.

Each (Champagne) glass held a little gift for the Fairies to take home - a live pink rose, tied with a little green leaf ribbon and tucked into the pink dinner napkin.

The chandelier must always be embellished and improved!

A centerpiece of roses in many shades of pink, embellished with a fairy and a lot of pink nonsense...
Yes, I know what Elsie de Wolfe said about flowers on dinner tables ("keep them low, low, low!"), and she was absolutely right, but - sorry, Elsie, you can't always get what you want; there are times when we must all suffer for Art.

An overview...

The coffee buffet, with pretty cups...

The menu consisted of something that I have forgotten for appetizer; Veal Marsala with Pappardelle and Roasted Tomatoes; and Pink Rose Princess Dessert, this time decorated with a silk rose, pale green tulle, and kiwi slices - and you can find the recipe for this dessert here.

These cookies were not selected for their taste - only for their extreme pinkaliciousness!

Need I say that the Fairies were tickled pink?
My only concern is: now what? how much pinker can it get??

Rosy regards from