Sunday, January 8, 2017

A Major Birthday

Hello Viewers!

My son Major also had a major birthday not long after mine, and I was given the mandate to create an event...

As we have seen previously, Major favors turquoise, so that, together with some masculine black and lavish gold, became the color scheme.

Can you see that there is a teal tablecloth underneath the black/white stripe?

On top of the stripe, gold chargers, black dinner plates, and turquoise napkins with a gold napkin ring..

 Turquoise candles in brass candlesticks, and some gold votives...

Not frilly; yet very festive...

Ready to party...!

Regards from Rosebud!

Birthday in the Backyard - A Retrospect

Hello Viewers!

I have never mentioned my backyard before, mainly for the reason that it isn't mine, but shared among three families. Also, my husband and I live on the third floor, so the backyard isn't exactly easily accessible. However, as a very major birthday (mine) was approaching, I decided that the backyard would be the best venue for the kind of party I enjoy creating and attending. 

So - here is what I did, with a lot of help from my sons...
The first challenge was to get a million accoutrements down from the apartment to the actual yard. Instead of running up and down the stairs, one son (Minor) was posted on the
fire escape, equipped with a large hook at the end of a clothesline. 

I handed him stuff through the window, and his brother stood on the lawn and unhooked chairs and bag after bag of party things as they came gliding down. It was a very efficient and labor-saving method, and we reversed it after the party was over. 

Then the milieu... In the basement I found an abandoned metal lattice door, which we propped up against the wall as a trellis for a bunch of silk ivy tendrils. A tall artificial plant with a light string, borrowed from Major, helped to create an ambiance. And what say you about the two garden ornament bunny rabbits?

The waterfall is a prized possession (given to me by a friend who moved abroad and couldn't take it with her) and here, enhanced with a few submersible LED lights, it became a centerpiece, bringing life to a rather desiccated lawn.

The pug-ugly dog fence also got an update with some "permanent" leaves and roses, and a line-up of candlesticks. The equally ugly fence in the back got a drape of white lace.

The buffet table is being set up - covered with a Grand Rosette tablecloth...

Here the party is still under construction, but you get an idea: the lace, the mirrored disco balls, the lanterns, and the pink flowers...

The Coffee Station with a hot-water urn and endless rosy china...

The embroidered tablecloth is vintage...

A lounge area for relaxing in one corner - a pile of quilts and pillows...

We sat around this table and had Birthday cake with Champagne...

As the afternoon wore on, a dinner table was set up - all pink and roses...

Major lighting the candles...

The party after nightfall - as seen from the fire escape.
An enchanted night, indeed...

Regards from Rosebud!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

A Symphony in Pink (What else?)

Hello viewers!

The concept of this Spring Convocation of the Fairies began with a tablecloth grandly named Grand Rosette that I found online at Tablecloths Factory. Anyone who knows me knows that this was a MUST-have!

Too fabulous for words!

From there it was but a skip and a hop to recklessly immersing myself and my guests in an avalanche of pinkness... Thus:

These Missoni plates at half price were a given; also the raspberry chargers and floral salad plates. Pink-handled flatware too.

Each (Champagne) glass held a little gift for the Fairies to take home - a live pink rose, tied with a little green leaf ribbon and tucked into the pink dinner napkin.

The chandelier must always be embellished and improved!

A centerpiece of roses in many shades of pink, embellished with a fairy and a lot of pink nonsense...
Yes, I know what Elsie de Wolfe said about flowers on dinner tables ("keep them low, low, low!"), and she was absolutely right, but - sorry, Elsie, you can't always get what you want; there are times when we must all suffer for Art.

An overview...

The coffee buffet, with pretty cups...

The menu consisted of something that I have forgotten for appetizer; Veal Marsala with Pappardelle and Roasted Tomatoes; and Pink Rose Princess Dessert, this time decorated with a silk rose, pale green tulle, and kiwi slices - and you can find the recipe for this dessert here.

These cookies were not selected for their taste - only for their extreme pinkaliciousness!

Need I say that the Fairies were tickled pink?
My only concern is: now what? how much pinker can it get??

Rosy regards from

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Fabulous Diva Dinner

Hello, Viewers!

Those of my readers who voraciously absorb every detail of the glamorous existence that is portrayed on these virtual pages, will remember that a very similar affair was held last winter on this very same Diva theme. It was so wonderful that it had to be experienced again! Consequently, many of the ingredients in this year's Diva Party are identical with last year's - however, there were a few upgrades this time that I want to share with my audience.

The greatest improvement this year was the Cocktail Bar, installed in the bedroom doorway. This whole idea of installing entertainment stations (or other stations) in doorways, is something that I am rather proud of. In a minuscule apartment like ours every inch counts, and a doorway - assuming that you will NOT need to pass through it during the party! - is a fantastic way of creating (an illusion of) more space.

The door to our bedroom is situated at the end of a corridor (bathroom door glimpsed at left, and walk-in closet at right), and in this little spot I created a bar. A set of curtains are suspended with shower curtain hooks from the top of door molding on the inside of the bedroom; another curtain hangs from a tension rod a foot in front of the doorway. A small, square folding table is straddling the threshold, and on this I arranged my accoutrements.

The neon sign was a loan from work, where a lot of odd paraphernalia has assembled over the years, due to my machinations. It made us all very excited!

Words of wisdom, indeed... This frame matched the ice bucket so well that it had to be used for something...

Since the table was a little too small for everything I wanted to gather on it, I improvised by emptying a few shelves in the adjoining bookcase, like so. (No, those are not real candles - they are the old battery-operated standbys!) The martini glasses have a little marabou trim, so they should feel festive!

Olives, cocktail napkins, and a glam ice bucket - these are some of the ingredients for a Diva Dinner

A disco ball, however small, always helps. It just makes life better.

Lots of Pomegranate Martinis also make life better - with alcohol and without!

Next-door (ha-ha-ha!) to the bar, by the closet door, was a dressing-up station, also slightly upgraded from last year...

The over-the-door mirror has been properly glamorized...

Necklaces, tiaras and feather boas on display for the Divas to wear... We felt pretty!

The nail polish salon, installed in the office doorway with the same technique that created the bar, was a favorite from last year. 
The adorable lamp is actually a recent gift from my husband. His contributions to this life of glamor and excess are infinitely appreciated! Not least that he is very cooperative, and stays away for many hours when his wife needs an evening in the fast lane with Divas, Fairies, and such folk.
There's many a husband who could take lessons from mine! I'm just sayin'...

More words of wisdom...

Some new curtain hold-backs, made of gold plastic and (probably) genuine diamonds. 
Just what every girl needs!

Better than the "real" thing!

The table setting was very similar to last year, with a hot pink theme, embellished with black and a bit of silver. 

Placemats made from paper gift bags, plastic plates with sparkly trim, hot-pink-and-zebra napkins, and diamond napkin rings. Pink Champagne to drink!

In anticipation of the holiday of Purim - only a week away - I added a mask 
to the feathered centerpiece...

No, this adorable, over-priced gift bag was not red (why do the colors come out like this?!), but the hottest of pink, and I used it for serving mini-baguettes

A couple of lovely candle glasses with black, flocked velvet trim, reflected in the mirrored buffet... There were some on the table as well. 


We may have to do this again.
Many times.

Regards from Rosebud!