Sunday, March 22, 2015

Snow Blizzard Fairies

Hello, Viewers!

This was the Winter Convocation when the Fairies got more snow than they had bargained for! The call had gone out for the Snow Fairies to assemble, true, but those who made it to the Fairy Palace would be more aptly described as Blizzard Fairies. Several didn't make it at all, due to the heavy snowfall and icy roads.

Well, the color scheme was certainly à propos: "Snow Flakes  & Ice Crystals". The starting point was this strangely beautiful vinyl (!) lace in white and silver, that I found in one of the discount stores that I frequently frequent. 

I used it as a wide table runner on top of a silver cloth, and also cut out placemats of the same material.

The plates were disposables, with a glued-on "diamond" trim. The napkins were rolled up with sheer, silver-edged doilies, and held with pearl  & diamond napkin rings. Pret-ty gorgeous, in my opinion.

The centerpiece was a tall, trumpet-shaped, mirror-mosaic vase filled with white branches that reached all the way up into the chandelier.

The arrangement was flanked by two crystal candle lamps, each holding a battery-operated pillar candle - and more dangling crystals, of course.

The chandelier itself was improved with crystal ropes, and from the branches hung silver votive lanterns.
The vase stood on an octagonal mirror, dusted with snow spray and lightly garnished with a sparkly garland.

Several octagonal mirrors held pillar candles decorated with more of the diamond trim.

There were also a couple of lacy, wintery candle lanterns, "Skurar", from IKEA. (You didn't think we could create an event without involving IKEA, did you?)


All is set and ready for the Fairies! Or so I thought...

But no - there had to be a last-minute addition: some snowballs, made of styrofoam and sprayed with snow spray

 NOW everything is ready!

This was the appetizer, which I am showing mainly because it looked pretty on this lacy platter - not so very unique. However, should you wish to try this at home, it consists of:

Fake/kosher "crab" meat, shredded
Cucumbers, peeled and cut in matchsticks
Lots of cilantro
Little bit of mayonnaise
Some fresh lime juice
Salt & cayenne pepper to taste
- all mixed together and dumped on a bed of sliced avocado

Obviously, there had to be Snowball Cookies as well:

2 sticks (1 cup) butter
3/4 cup confectioners sugar
1 Tbsp vanilla sugar
2 cups flour
3/4 cup walnuts

1. Grind nuts finely in food processor; set aside
2. Cream butter and sugars together until fluffy
3. Add flour, while continuing to mix on high speed until fully incorporated
4. Last, fold in nuts
5. Cover with plastic wrap and chill for 1/2 hour or more
6. Shape into small balls; bake at 350 for 18-20 minutes
7. Let cool slightly, then roll, or otherwise douse, cookies in more confectioners sugar

Yields: 30 snowballs

Have fun!

Regards from Rosebud!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Chanukah Table(s)

Hello, Viewers!

Here is another retrospect - this time the yearly Chanukah dinner with the offspring.

As per usual, a color scheme took shape in my mind a couple of months in advance, and the weeks leading up to the event were spent in a fever of planning fantasies. Turquoise - techeles, the color of the sapphire flooring beneath the Heavenly Throne - was my choice this time, with a garnish of gold.

Gold doilies as placemats, disposable plates (for the perfect color!) and a gold-rimmed salad plate...
Finding these napkin rings was an unexpected bonus...

The centerpiece was constructed with a sparkly gold runner as a base, dotted with round gold votives and little sparkly turquoise balls... 

The hot pink roses, in a ceramic vessel from Jerusalem, added a little touch of contrast, that took the table from pretty to spectacular (if I say so myself) ...

Golden birdcages had battery-operated pillar candles, and peacocks perched on top

The nighttime look, with all the candles lit...

A small, coordinated Princess Table for the granddaughters was a necessity in order to be able to shoehorn everybody in...

Their place settings were a little bit simplified...

...but on the other hand, they had fairy wands in their Moroccan tea glasses...and a batteried candle...

I got carried away, and even set up a matching buffet on the sideboard...
 ... which proved quite practical.

 I can never get enough of this stuff...

 Chanukah ambiance....

Regards from Rosebud!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Little House on the Balcony

Hello, Viewers!

So many things have been happening; so many photos are waiting to be seen - here is a retrospect from October last year: My Sukkah.

This is a little structure, used for eight days during Sukkos, the Feast of Booths. It is a time of great joy when we dwell together with our Creator in this little rickety sanctuary, the point being that, as we leave our regular houses and move into our huts, we are reminded that all material security is a chimera, and all true safety and succor comes from the Eternal One.

I have conceived and built my Sukkah from scratch. The frame is metal tubing (that I showed here a while ago), and stretched over it are yards and yards of upholstery fabric that I laboriously cut up and sewed together according to the correct proportions, constructing little velcro flaps to hold the thing in place. This was fifteen years ago, when I had the energy. 

In spite of the many downpours it has endured, the fabric has held up marvelously all these years and still looks like new. But obviously, however pretty the fabric may be, more decorations must be added on!

Shocking pink silky curtains in the corners can never be wrong. The grand needlepoint embroidery still-life was a true gift from Above - I found it (spotlessly clean!) sitting among some garbage cans in the neighborhood.

A sideboard holds many pretty, silly things... And no salon must be without a gilt mirror! Never!

The roof consists of reeds, so that the stars should be seen at night... 

... unless the chandeliers get in the way, of course. These two were an astounding find at $8 each. They were originally ivory white, but that was easily remedied with some pink spray paint.
Another light contraption: electrified grape clusters, wrapped around a strange item gotten from IKEA (many years ago), consisting of a metal ring with long, hanging crystal prisms. The little birdcage is extra.

Flowers, flowers on the walls... which is the prettiest of them all?

Can a waste basket get more gorgeous than this?

A small waterfall is also good to have handy, just in case.

You can never have too many chandeliers! A multi-colored beaded wonder...
We can only just fit in a tiny dining table. The folding chairs are coming out later.

This is what the table looked like one day, when the Fairies were coming over for coffee. 

That was when I had the impulse to set up this little fake fire effect, as an experiment. 

The experiment was quite successful, I am happy to report.
Here above we can see yet another chandelier. Just what we needed.

Isn't this what they call "polished, yet relaxed"? No?

Peeking in through the entrance.

These boots are made for prettiness!

Did we get sidetracked from the spiritual message of the holiday? Oh, no - not me! This pretty little house on the balcony is where I sit and converse with G-d. He is very comfortable there.

Regards from your prettiness-loving Rosebud!